Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

We all got up and went to church Sunday morning, then to Nana's & Papaw's afterward (this is our usual Sunday routine anyway). My mom cooked a huge lunch. (much like Thanksgiving!) Ava got to come this time! Logan loves playing with his cousin Ava. My cousins, Kailee and Jessie, also got to come, they're both teenagers now! And of course, Goofy Uncle Lukey Dookie had to pose for his glamour shots!

Grandma & Grandpa Noe's Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday evening we went to Sandi's & David's for another egg hunt and dinner. Cory, Katie, Peyton, Paige, Marcus, and Candice were all there. The kids had a great time. Sam, David, and Cory spent the entire time playing "Lumberjacks" while cutting down the big, old pine tree in the front yard. It was such a beautiful evening to be outside.

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Saturday morning we had our Easter egg hunt at our church. The kids were really looking forward to it. Grace decided this year to do the Scavenger hunt instead with the older kids so you won't find pictures of her, she stayed pretty busy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Logan's Adoption Update

Logan's Guardian Ad-Litem came Wednesday to do our in-home interview. He just had to come check us out and make sure we were suitable parents and make sure Logan is happy. And of course he's about the happiest darn kid you've ever seen! I swear he's always smiling. So basically it lasted about 15 minutes. Now all that's left is for our lawyer to set a court date. It should be the final one. Then Logan Dean Henry will officially be Logan Henry French, and our very own forever. It was funny, after the man left, we asked Logan if he was ready to stay with us forever, and he said, "yes, I'm ready to stay here forever!" Of course, he has no clue what the heck we're talking about. But it's exciting that we're getting closer to finalizing the adoption. We love him so much, and it feels like he has always belonged with us. I truly believe that God's plan is unfolding.

Laura Beth's Sunburst Prelim Pageant

Well Laura Beth had her second pageant Friday, March 26th at 6pm at Foothills Mall. She wore the same pink dress that she wore in the other pageant. I forgot my camera at home this time so I couldn't take any pictures. It turned out to be a nightmare anyway. Laura Beth was just diagnosed with a bad ear infection the day before, so she was irritable and cranky. I doped her up on tylenol and ibuprofen before we left. Sam, of course, works a little later on Fridays so he didn't get home until after 3 o'clock. Well Grace had soccer practice at 5:15, and I had to get Laura Beth ready, and myself. So Sam took Grace to practice, and took Logan with him. That left me with Caroline and Laura Beth. Laura Beth had to be at the mall for registration before 6. We ended up getting there at 5:20 or so. Laura Beth was asleep when we pulled in the parking lot. And I tried to feed her before we left and she wouldn't eat. So of course now she's hungry and sleepy! We have to sit there for an hour waiting for her group to get before the judges. And of course the 1 year olds is always the largest group! Caroline trying to mother her before hand didn't make her mood any better. So of course when it's finally our turn, the kid just gets up there and won't even stand on her feet she's so mad. All she did was waller around on the stage! Of course if we tried to pick her up she screamed. It just wasn't her day. She's more of a morning baby anyway. So needless to say, she didn't win... I was sad for her, but even more so I was so glad to be done! She still won 3rd princess which meant she is invited to the state pageant and her $200 beauty fee is waived. But there are still a bunch of other fees to pay, so I don't know whether we'll be able to afford to do that one. Plus she'll need a fancier dress for a state pageant and those things cost sometimes hundreds of dollars! It's crazy how expensive it gets. I don't wanna go though if I can't afford to do it right, cause I don't wanna go get embarassed! And I want to send a special "Thank you" to her Aunt Katie and her cousins, Peyton, Paige, and Marcus for coming to support her. That meant a lot, Katie, I know how hard that must have been to drag all of them out to come see it. After the pageant all of the older kids jumped on the big trampolines with the harnesses. They had so much fun! But I hardly ever let the kids do it cause it costs $6 per kid for like 5 mins. The only reason they did it this time was cause Katie paid for them to do it! It just hurts me to see all that money get wasted! We went and let all of the kids play at Chic-fil-a afterwards. They always have so much fun together. I wish I had remembered to bring the camera so I could've took pictures of all the fun we had.

Soccer time!

Grace and Caroline had their first soccer games of this season last Saturday, March 27th.
Grace played really well. She prefers to play defense. I think she gets nervous playing offense because she feels pressured to score points. She has a really tough but awesome coach. I think he will do a great job at teaching her to play a smarter game. Grace didn't score any points, but she prevented a few goals by the other team. They practice twice per week, and they get worked really hard. It's gonna take her a while to get out of her couch potato mode!
Caroline loves soccer! She has really learned a lot just watching Grace play over the last few years. Her team has gotten a rough start though. The U6 teams only practice once a week, and we have only had one real practice due to cancellation. And her teammates haven't all shown up. But it will get better once spring breaks and easter breaks are over. Caroline did really well in her first game. She and Grace played at exactly the same time, so Sam and I switched at half time so we could both watch both girls play some. I watched Caroline the first half and she was apparently just getting warmed up because once I left to go watch Grace she scored 3 goals! I think offense is gonna be her fave. She likes to hog the ball and score points.
Don't everybody rush out to see them play though cause I think they'd both probably clam up and not play if they knew someone important was watching them! LOL

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yay! Warmer weather!

It's so nice that it's finally starting to warm up so we can play outside! Now that they can get outside more, maybe they won't be messing the house as much....... yeah right! Wishful thinking. On this particular day, the kids played with our neighbors across the street, Chasity (8?) and Bryson (7mos?). More sweet little kids that we have the pleasure of knowing! Caroline was being kind of pouty because she wasn't getting her way. She wanted to ride Logan's scooter or use Grace's roller skates, rather than play with her own toy. Needless to say, she refused to pose for the camera...